Intelligent exercise for women

Smart Barre™ studios specialize in intimate, choreographed classes designed for you. An effective and efficient use of time, our method combines strength training and stretching as a sustainable form of exercise for women of all ages and a variety of fitness levels.


Brittany T. | Master Trainer

Brittany has a background in dance and fitness. She is passionate about being active, fit, and healthy. She loves everything about the Smart Barre method, so much so that she chose to undergo an extensive training process to become Smart Barre’s Master Trainer in San Antonio. With this designation, Brittany is able to help her clients fully realize their fitness goals as well as shaping fresh instructor talent to reach their best seasonality.

Your Favorite Smart Barre move: Fold Over
Your Favorite Smart Barre cue: “Find your shake!”

Amanda Q.

Amanda is a transplant to San Antonio from Miami, Florida. Fitness has been a part of her life since a young age. She grew up dancing in South Florida,  through college at FSU, and professionally with the AFL and NBA San Antonio Spurs. After retiring from dance in 2014, she continued her passion for fitness by joining the Smart Barre team and finding a new career teaching dance and exercise classes, and coaching cheerleading at TMI the Episcopal School of Texas.

Favorite Smart Barre Move: Chair with the band

Favorite Smart Barre Cue: “Know your body; get your muscles to transform into the shape you want”

Amy M.

Amy is a native of Fayetteville, North Carolina. She has been dancing since the age of 3, with a strong focus in ballet, jazz, contemporary and tap. She was a member of the premier North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble, for seven years, performing in the styles of rhythm tap, hoofin’ and soft shoe. She was eventually selected to join folk music group, The Squirrel Nut Zippers’, national tour. In 2004, after winning both local and state talent competitions, Amy was named Teen Miss North Carolina. She went on to become a member of the Varsity Dance Team at UNC-Chapel Hill, and an artistic director of the university’s Carolina Style Dance Company. Amy currently works in San Antonio Spurs’ Corporate Partnership department, and teaches advanced tap classes at Trilogy Dance Center.

Favorite Smart Barre Move: I am a huge fan of holding positions, on releve, during leg work. I think it’s a great way to finish burning out your leg muscles, while working on core stability.

Favorite Smart Barre Cue: “Hold/engage your core!” Is by far my favorite. My dance teacher used to say it to us all the time growing up, and now that I’m older, I’m starting to truly understand the value of having a strong core.

Caroline F.

Caroline has an extensive dance background in several disciplines including ballet, jazz, and theatrical dance. A recent career move to attend Nursing school brought her home to San Antonio where she realized Smart Barre was the perfect fit for her creative outlet.

Your favorite Smart Barre move: Thigh Blast
Your favorite Smart Barre cue: “Release your shoulder blades down the back”

Emily E.

Emily has a background in dance, Pilates, yoga and spin, and has been an instructor at Smart Barre since 2012 when San Antonio first opened their doors! She is dedicated to the method and to her clients she loves so dearly.

Your Favorite Smart Barre move: Standing Seat
Your Favorite Smart Barre cue: “Create your own resistance!”

Katelynn S.

Katelynn grew up in San Antonio and graduated from The University of Texas at San Antonio with a BS in Environmental Science. She first joined Smart Barre as a member of the front desk team. After taking classes and learning more about the Smart Barre technique, she quickly fell in love with the concept (as well as the results) and decided to become an instructor. As a firm believer in the importance of a healthy mind-body connection, she enjoys Smart Barre’s emphasis on listening to the body, finding balance, and continually challenging one’s self to go deeper in to the move. Her mission as an instructor is to encourage clients to challenge themselves, discover their personal strengths, and walk out of class feeling accomplished!

Favorite Smart Barre Move: Curtsy with hip tilts

Favorite Smart Barre Cue: “Lift the chin, roll the shoulders back, and lengthen through the spine.”

Katie R.

Katie has been in the fitness industry in San Antonio for 6 years. She diversifies herself by teaching Zumba, Cycling & Smart Barre. Katie has a deep passion for and its culture and actually served as Miss Fiesta San Antonio in 2012 as well as Miss Bexar County in 2014.

Your Favorite Smart Barre Move: Clam Shell with the band.
Your Favorite Smart Barre cue: “Take out the bounce, stay in your working zone and pulse from there. “

Lacey A.

Lacey is from Tennessee and has been athletic her whole life. She has worked in the fitness industry for over 6 years and started with Smart Barre right after it first opened. Recently welcoming her daughter, Rowan into the world, Lacey is the go to “Mommy and Me” class instructor and enjoys watching her post baby moms bounce back into class and life.

Favorite Move: Pretzel
Favorite tip/cue: “Keep going, this is what you came for”

Marisol O.

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Marisol has lived in Alamo Heights for the last 22 years. She received her Bachelors and Masters in Architecture from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She has a background in Latin Ballroom Dancing and played soccer throughout her youth until architectural school.

Your Favorite Smart Barre move: Chair! Anything to see those muscles exhaust.
Your Favorite Smart Barre cue: “Stay in that burning zone!”

Molly C.

Molly has danced her whole life, and danced professionally with Spurs Sports and the NBA Silver Dancers. She is a part time holistic nutritionist who is passionate about people, the Smart Barre method, and the emphasis on women’s health.

Your Favorite Smart Barre move: Smart V with the band
Your Favorite Smart Barre cue: “People forget we are working abdominals in every section of the class, so I love to cue that as a reminder that even when we are in legs, we are still working our cores.”

Roque S.

Roque, a mom to two little ones, has been a Smart Barre Instructor since 2014. As a former dancer and fitness enthusiast, she found Smart Barre to be the most effective workout after having her first child. She is excited to have the opportunity to share the Smart Barre technique and its transformative benefits with others.

Favorite Smart Barre Move: Parallel Thighs with the Playground Ball- great burn on the quads while sculpting the inner thighs.

Favorite Smart Barre Cue: “Check in with that core!”

Shelby S.

Shelby recently moved to San Antonio from Houston and stumbled across Smart Barre, where she found her calling as a Fitness Instructor along with her passion for the Smart Barre Method. One of her many dreams is to become a certified Yoga Instructor and travel the world teaching yoga and barre while learning about other cultures.

Favorite Smart Barre Move: Pretzel/Z Sit

Favorite Smart Barre Cue: “Connect your mind to your body & focus on the movement, every pulse counts!”

Whitney L.

Whitney started dancing at age 3 and grew up performing and choreographing on her small town stage in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. In college, she performed with a professional training company and received her Dance minor from the University of Colorado at Boulder. After college, Whitney moved to Los Angeles and remained focused on maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle, which naturally fueled her love for barre, Pilates, and yoga. Finding herself in Smart Barre upon her move to Texas felt right at home and she loves being able to blend her passion for music and dance with fitness.

Favorite Smart Barre move: Smart L Shape – nothing tones the outer leg better!

Favorite Smart Barre cue: “Zip Up Your Abdomen” Too often we forget how important our core is to everything we do. By simply holding in your core and focusing on your inner strength, you’re already making strides toward a more fit body and aware mind – preventing injury and doing some nice toning along the way!